Finishing touches

Ok so it’s been a while since I posted and it’s been 16 months in the house and the finishing touches are still going down. IKEA has been our friend as the stylish and affordable soloutions make it a good choice. We  have used their products to donstirsge under the stairs, in the garage and then furnish our nursery and some of our spare room. Here’s a few recent pics

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12 plus

Well it’s been a while…life has been incredibly busy but it has been lovely to make memories in our home. It took Masterton an incredibly long time to finish all the items that were outstanding and a call to fair trading, something I wish I did a lot sooner. 

It took Masterton 12 months post keys. Long story short I wouldn’t recommend them to build your home. 

My main lessons from the build were:

1. We should of gone custom build with the Villina Elite as a starting point for the design. The main things I wish I had are a butlers pantry and one that was more cohesive to the main kitchen much like Josh and Elise’s on this year’s block; and walk in robes to all rooms. Also perhaps a better built home…you get what you pay for I guess.

2. I should have gone to fair trading sooner

3. It was good to keep every thing documented as when we went to fair trading it was a very cut and dry case

4. We should of cut our losses back at that time when we started to look at other builders. The lack of communication, cohesive structure or organisation was very frustrating and they had appauling customer service (or respect for their customers). All this was only the tip of the iceberg of things to come. Listen to your gut. 

5. It was worth the heartache but I still believe that another builder more like a boutique builder, would have made it a little less of a rollercoaster ride. Building is stressful and there’s no doubt about that however you need the right team to get you through it more smoothly.

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This month flew by quicker than the others! We had our first family holiday, just a quick cruise from Singapore to Vietnam and Thailand and it was lovely. Little one did so well, we are super lucky!

Despite missing a week and a half we’ve managed a few of our little jobs. Hubby finally finished our shed and all the shelving he built so we are now able to get both cars in the garage. Such a luxury we don’t realise, but with all the rain Sydney has been getting, it was great with Little One in and out of the car. We were so worried that the cars wouldn’t fit as all our stuff in there made it feel small but it’s bigger than our old place and the extra length that our facade gave, meant we have more space to keep the motor bike in there plus some shelves. 

We have our rugs (decided on IKEA as with little one and new Puppy this would be best for all the obvious reasons and for $99 they were a bargain), shelving under the stairs and got a new king bed package for our room. We’ve always wanted one but never had space! This was one thing we love about this house. 

We then got our art work from Inky Editions. It’s a very cool concept as we love to travel. They are maps of all of our birthplaces and the fourth is the location of home. All the small things are coming together to make it feel like home, there’s a few more like sealing the garage floor, some feature lights in the theatre room, putting together the last spare room and finding artwork for our room (and a few landscaping things hubby still wants to do). It’s such an evolution of ideas once you’re in, more things get added to your list and some come off, but I have to admit these last few items have made it feel like it’s really “ours”. 

On the Masterton front we have three items outstanding (yes still) but the most annoying is the return of the painter as we had leaching of merbau trims which got worse with all the wet weather…again don’t build with Masterton if you can help it!!

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Here we are seven months post keys. We have had the tilers out to fix our grout issues in the wet areas and the balcony. We had two no shows and it’s been frustrating but at least all that’s left is the painter, dowell and this missing mixer body. Can’t wait to have Masterton out of my life. 

The landscaping is progressing slowly with hubby doing it all himself and working 6 days but he’s managed to do the gabion box seats for the patio area and put up the shed. There’s just the shelves and work bench to do. Inside I’ve finally ordered all the custom artwork for the lounge and main room that’s just arrived but I have to get around to getting them framed. Then there’s the rugs and alfresco tiling but we have a new puppy so will wait until he is properly toilet trained. Nearly complete and nearly out of the hell that is Masterton.

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You guessed it, six months since keys. That’s gone quickly! Hubby has been working 6 days a week lately as Christmas is always busy, so he’s slowed on the progress but he’s managed to make the front look finished and plant some trees. Our shed arrives next week and hubby needs to finish off our patio area. I can then arrange tiling for the alfresco. Besides some rugs and artwork inside is pretty finished now too. This time last year we had half a roof and no walls!

The frustrating thing is Masterton have been back a week and nothing has happened regarding the tiles, carpenter, stacker door and kitchen/ensuite. I hope the SS is arranging these things as at least I have spoken to him. Ahhh nearly there!!

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99 Problems…

Seriously over trades. We have had 4 separate inspections of our discoloured grout, our scratched tiles, our missing grout, our cracked and missing tiles. First it was a manager from Tiles Direct, then the Masterton Area Manager, then the 4th Site Supervisor and then the replacement manager from Tiles Direct. So here comes the tiler today and he didn’t have tiles, he didn’t have he right grout and he didn’t have the epoxy paint. So in effect nothing got done. I’d be really really angry if hubby had taken time off just for these tiles. Furthermore our balustrade needs to come off and this is after SS4 said it didn’t. What a joke…

Also long story but I definitely do not recommend All in One Backyard Solutions. Stay away from them.

So its 5 months since keys and our list of post handover items is whittling down as hubby is doing our mailbox and finishing of the landscaping this week. Its just his shed and and two more lighting fittings inside. We’ve also found our art work for the entry way and its been really nice to have our daughter’s christening and first Christmas in this home that has caused me much angst and stress over the last 2+ years. It makes it worth it. In a few months I hope we can be done with Masterton and bad trades for good.

img_5548 img_5532

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Screens up!

Hubby has been so busy but his vision is coming together nicely. On the Masterton front we had the bricks cleaned and the kitchen items ordered so the house is slowly getting fixed. The key word is slowly haha. What do you think of hubby’s handy work? I’m so very proud of him. Shout out to oxworks For the laser cut screens and unique fire pits for our pit. Hubby made the steel structure, paving and mounted the screens.

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