99 Problems…

Seriously over trades. We have had 4 separate inspections of our discoloured grout, our scratched tiles, our missing grout, our cracked and missing tiles. First it was a manager from Tiles Direct, then the Masterton Area Manager, then the 4th Site Supervisor and then the replacement manager from Tiles Direct. So here comes the tiler today and he didn’t have tiles, he didn’t have he right grout and he didn’t have the epoxy paint. So in effect nothing got done. I’d be really really angry if hubby had taken time off just for these tiles. Furthermore our balustrade needs to come off and this is after SS4 said it didn’t. What a joke…

Also long story but I definitely do not recommend All in One Backyard Solutions. Stay away from them.

So its 5 months since keys and our list of post handover items is whittling down as hubby is doing our mailbox and finishing of the landscaping this week. Its just his shed and and two more lighting fittings inside. We’ve also found our art work for the entry way and its been really nice to have our daughter’s christening and first Christmas in this home that has caused me much angst and stress over the last 2+ years. It makes it worth it. In a few months I hope we can be done with Masterton and bad trades for good.

img_5548 img_5532

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