This month flew by quicker than the others! We had our first family holiday, just a quick cruise from Singapore to Vietnam and Thailand and it was lovely. Little one did so well, we are super lucky!

Despite missing a week and a half we’ve managed a few of our little jobs. Hubby finally finished our shed and all the shelving he built so we are now able to get both cars in the garage. Such a luxury we don’t realise, but with all the rain Sydney has been getting, it was great with Little One in and out of the car. We were so worried that the cars wouldn’t fit as all our stuff in there made it feel small but it’s bigger than our old place and the extra length that our facade gave, meant we have more space to keep the motor bike in there plus some shelves. 

We have our rugs (decided on IKEA as with little one and new Puppy this would be best for all the obvious reasons and for $99 they were a bargain), shelving under the stairs and got a new king bed package for our room. We’ve always wanted one but never had space! This was one thing we love about this house. 

We then got our art work from Inky Editions. It’s a very cool concept as we love to travel. They are maps of all of our birthplaces and the fourth is the location of home. All the small things are coming together to make it feel like home, there’s a few more like sealing the garage floor, some feature lights in the theatre room, putting together the last spare room and finding artwork for our room (and a few landscaping things hubby still wants to do). It’s such an evolution of ideas once you’re in, more things get added to your list and some come off, but I have to admit these last few items have made it feel like it’s really “ours”. 

On the Masterton front we have three items outstanding (yes still) but the most annoying is the return of the painter as we had leaching of merbau trims which got worse with all the wet weather…again don’t build with Masterton if you can help it!!

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