Phase 2 of the fire pit area completed

Hubby has been very busy paving this weekend and he’s completed this part of the project. Our custom decorative screens should arrive this week and our custom fire pit is currently being produced. Here’s a little update picture. Don’t mind the old fire box, hubby was just gauging sizes for the new one.

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Progress on the floating steps

This week the form work has come off the steps. Can’t wait to see them polished and sealed and surrounded with river rock! Hubby is continuing the fire pit area with paving this weekend and screens  coming next week.  Stay tuned for more pics!

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The reign of dirt is coming to an end

Our landscaping elements have been quite meticulous and time consuming as the Devils are all in the detail. This week the last pads of the floating concrete steps were poured and now the wait begins to have them cured and polished. They had to get poured one step at a time and then given time to set before the next one got done. The patio fire pit area has also been slow as hubby is doing that all himself on he weekends that we are home. He has created the metal struts himself and erected them. The rock bed took a whole Saturday to drill into as he’s gone a meter down. We are waiting for some decorative metal screens to be made to fit and will line the top and side of the structure and a big fire pit in the middle. Hubby wants to make some Gabion box seats with merbau toppers. Next is the paving whilst the screens are being manufactured. Then plants. Nearly there and not bad given its less than 4 months since keys. 

SS 4 came out to see all our issues as i am now considering going to fair trading as nothing is getting fixed. Just more time to be home for people to see the issues…we still have issues with our tiling, roof, kitchen, bathroom vanities, bricks and gyprock. Our balcony rail will need to come off to fix the broken tiles on the balcony….sounds horrible but I hope we get there soon…

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3 Months Post Keys

We’ve reached the first 90 days so I will have to get some paperwork to Masterton however it will look pretty much the same as PCI. Disappointing and pathetic. The gyprocker showed up on Friday thinking it was just a patch job but realised half the roof in the theatre needs fixing. So I need to wait to see if masterton will pay for lifestyle store to detach and reattach the projector and speakers. The tradie said it was clear water damage. The 4th SS is following up everyone else. Nothing has been fixed since the last update. Just trades coming to see how big the job is and this is after the masterton area manager camee out last month and took lots of photos. 

Anyway masterton are still making me stressed and anxious but at least things are progressing with things we are organising. The front steps and patio are still works in progress as its just time intensive work but I’ll post those when completed. We had our shutters fixed and custom couches delivered and great room floating cabinet installed. Here is a taster. I’ll post more pictures once I get rugs and artwork and when the steps and patio get done. Shoutout to Custom Designs Castle Hill, Design Affair and Nepean Blinds.

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2 Months since keys

Time is just flying by! My hubby has been so busy and achieved so much in the short time we’ve had keys. The Masterton Area Manager has also been to take his list of actions but there’s still a long list outstanding. The only thing that has been fixed is the mirror in the main bathroom. We are still very frustrated by the lack of progress from them. 

For us the long weekend has meant we have turf and more paving done. The patio out the back and the front steps are the main bits left before we start thinking about plants. We also have to finish painting the fence. 

As for inside, the custom lounges are due next week and the shutters that needed to be fixed are also due shortly. I just need some rugs and artwork…hopefully by next month we should see a more complete home.

A shout out to Str8 Up Fencing for our fantastic side fence and gates and Vince at Eurolight Gregory Hills for the help choosing lights and giving us great prices. 

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A month since keys

Can’t believe it’s been pretty much a month since keys! Moving with a little one has been tough but we have managed to unpack most boxes and we’ve started a lot of the post handover activities. Fences, downlights and more landscaping are the priority for the next few weeks so we get our full OC.

The hardest and most annoying part has been the teething issues with Masterton’s trades which you’d only find out after spending time in the house such as the electrician not isolating our fireplace and stuffing the wiring for the pillar lights ie they were hard wired in and we couldn’t turn them off until someone else came out to fix it. We’ve also had a slow flow of trades to get to the PCI items that were not competed by the time we picked up keys but we still have a very long list with the return of tilers, carpenter, brickies, mirror people and kitchen people still TBC. Some have booked a date and not bothered to show up… It’s frustrating as imagine if we were still waiting for keys….on another note my hubby has been awesome with the amount of tiling and other work he’s done himself.

Here’s some progress pictures, my favourite so far is the theatre room (although I didn’t enjoy painting it as the dark paint takes lots of coats! A big shout out to Lifestyle Store for delivering a great product with awesome service):

Top to Bottom: exterior shot, kitchen, nursery, theatre and spare room

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First Week post keys

So it’s already been a week since keys and what a busy week it’s been. We’ve started to move things over and get trades in, both Masterton’s and ours. Shutters have gone in only to find one panel was measured short so we have to live with it for 8 weeks or so until the new one comes in. Very frustrating but the rest look really good! Our driveway had to be pushed back because of the rain so fingers crossed it clears up so we get one in next week. The mud and dirt is making me crazy.

Ours black taps are in (thanks to hubby) and they also look great. Masterton’s plumbers forgot to give us our accessories (we’ve paid for them so I want them!!) so it’s another thing to add to our list of fixes and follow ups.

Another frustrating thing is the isolation switch on the fireplace (that we paid Masterton to do) doesn’t isolate the fireplace…another trade stuff up…

I’m sure there’s more things we will find but clearly the trades Masterton use are not all the best of quality when the ss has to do things himself (thanks SS you’ve been a big help) there are chips in the kitchen (in fact big holes and cracks that are still waiting to be fixed), chips on the vanities, paint imperfections, poor wood work and whole bunch of other things. The kitchen people Artline have known about this for so many months and we are still waiting for our kitchen to be fixed. Masterton have told us they have been following up but it’s beyond ridiculous how long it’s taking. I worry it won’t get done as I really want to avoid fair trading. Whilst I like our house and love our choices of colours, I would not be recommending these guys to build your home at all…stay away from them!! 13 months to build a home that’s got issues when our neighbour built with Metricon a similar sized house and they moved in this week, even when they started 4-5 months after us…

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