Masterton Suppliers

Standard Range: Everyday Life Range (Engage, Escape, Freedom, Leisure, Stimulate, Unwind) and Old Colonials Range (Buff, Red, Amber Glow, Mahogany)

Tier 2 ($5500): Whitsunday Range (Orpheus and Brampton), Urban One range (Silver, Almond, Latte, Pepper, Chiffon) Metropolis Range (Topaz, Alabaster, Marcasite) Heritage Range (Jamison, Castlereagh)

Tier 3 ($9500): Metallix Range (Bronze, Platinum, Titanium) Governors Range (Wakehurst, King, Haigh, Denison, Gipps, Foveaux, Darling) Symmetry Range (Portland, Earth, Terracotta, Asphalt) Expressions Range (Black Stone, Gunmetal Blue)


Standard Stone Choices:

Upgrades from WK Stone are available such as the Cloudy Bay colour we selected.


Self Sourced Suppliers










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